Hills and Dale Estate


13,000 SF | Historic

This Neel Reid Designed home was completed in 1916 and includes 35 acres of historic gardens. The renovation included all new MEP systems, a new fire line from the street, a new generator, a new fire sprinkler system and the associated repairs to plaster walls and ceilings associated with this scope. The new multi-million-dollar MEP systems are all hidden in attic spaces and basements. The process included the removal and replacement of all existing electrical wiring and new electrical panels and breakers. The project included a new fire alarm system, emergency power system, master lighting control system, security system and state of the art air sampling system. Structor Group also built an addition to the mechanical building. The project incorporated sustainable and energy efficient design. Structor Group worked closely with the Fuller E Callaway Foundation to ensure that when renovations were complete, the home and gardens looked exactly like it did before we started.